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Delivered direct to your account each week

Mayhem affiliate programming is delivered direct to your WodBoard account each week:

  • Save valuable time entering programming each week
  • All 12+ Mayhem tracks available - you simply choose which ones you get
  • Added WodBoard intelligence so, for example, percentage work calculates athletes target weights based off their 1RM
  • Make edits to adjust for your gyms equipment or other reasons

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If you're not a WodBoard gym already here's a bit more info about us.  We help you attract new customers, retain your existing members and simplify the day-to-day running of your business. We know the highs and lows of running a business, the difficulties you face acquiring new customers and the worries about finances. We build technology to solve these problems. Take our key metrics dashboard for example - that's everything about how your business is performing in easy to reference place

We help your business grow

We focus on providing features that help your business grow.  Our integration with Mayhem Programming is a classic example - if we can add features that save you time or help you acquire new customers that's exactly what we do. Another example would be our app that let's you manage your whole gym from your mobile. So if somebody wants to make a change to their membership on the gym floor, you can make that change straight away. Now how refreshing is that?

WodBoard has been a gamechanger for us. It has been a massive hit with our members whilst making running the business significantly easier and more convenient. We have tried out nearly all the competitors and nothing even comes close.

Alex Wertheim, Gymnasium

Need to switch from your current provider? It's easy with WodBoard

Lots of gyms have migrated to WodBoard from other providers. We take the hassle out the move:

  • We work together to find your best changeover date
  • Your dedicated point of contact imports customer data from your old provider
  • Athletes receive an email link that they click to claim their account
  • Athletes are now on WodBoard with all their membership and personal details moved across for them

Are you ready to grow your business?

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